Accessories/Jewelry Edition

How should I take care of my jewelry?

Please be gentle with your jewelry/accessories, for they are handmade.

~Avoid dropping/hitting onto hard surfaces, some beads are fragile in general, especially glass, ceramic, and certain crystal beads.

~Avoid tugging/pulling the products as much as possible. It will not break easily.

~Please avoid contact with water, perfume, or any harsh chemicals in general. The wire may be non-tarnish but some of the charms are made with metal/zinc alloy and will tarnish with repetitive contact with water.

~Please take off your jewelry when you want to shower, swim, exercise, or do any strenuous activities, that will require you to sweat a lot.

what is your jewelry/accessories made from?

~I use a variety of beads/charms to make my jewelry! Most of my beads/charms vary from glass, ceramic, Crystal, silver/gold beads! the wire that I use is silver plated. 

Can I order a custom piece?

~I am currently not taking any custom orders right now due to me still moving our shop but this will change.

Crystal Edition

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

~Our crystals are consciously sourced. We try our best to ensure our crystals are ethically sourced. Our vendors include small, family-owned businesses where miners and carvers work safely and with the proper equipment and pay. With that being said, many factors go into the mining, polishing, and selling of crystals, so it can never be 100% guaranteed that they are ethically sourced. Our vendors also are located in the crystal's country of origin, as close to the mines as possible.

Are your crystals real?

All of our crystals are genuine and from the Earth, unless stated otherwise, such as dyed, man-made, synthetic stones (for example opalite, sandstone, aura-coated, or heated) which will always be disclosed in the description of each listing.

Can I replace crystals for professional medical care?

-Please don't healing crystals are not a replacement for professional medical care. If you, or someone you know, require medical care, please seek help from a licensed professional.

-Healing properties of crystals are NOT guaranteed and are NOT scientifically proven.

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